Tom Skeehan

Skeehan Studio is an Australian-based creative company with a passion for problem-solving and collaboration. Established in 2011 by award-winning industrial designer Tom Skeehan, his team of research and design experts is dedicated to creating thoughtful products, spaces, and experiences tailored to the people and environments they are intended for.

Masters of material experimentation and innovation, Skeehan Studio takes traditional creative practices and applies them with the end-user front of mind. Through close and honest partnerships with local researchers, designers, and manufacturers, they are committed to delivering unique and effective solutions.

Tom brings over 10 years of experience leading creative design projects across multiple industry sectors. He is a professional problem solver who is passionate about collaboration and inspiring others to design great products. His ultimate goal is to build a global team that shares the value of collaboration, lifelong learning, and improving the ways we live, work, and play.

Skeehan believes the design process is a powerful tool to solve problems strategically using multiple perspectives. He and his team facilitate end-to-end processes to produce products, services, events, and experiences grounded in research, design thinking, ideation, and failing fast to achieve measurable results.

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